Total Control Over your Home


Can be easily programmed to open your garage and gates. 

Always in the same place ready to respond to your command, no more searching for the garage door remote control. 

Programming is quick and easy. 

Available in two unique applications:.

HomeLink for visor or headliner mount. 

Gentex auto dimming review mirrors with HomeLink  


Headrest Screens & Overhead DVD Screens

  • Remote Control & Two wireless Headphones
  • Built in DVD players
  • Watch different content on each screen.


Custom Built in Radars

Completely hidden receivers for detecting X, K, Ka-band, and police laser. 

Laser Diffusers

Instantly detects and diffuses the laser light signal.

Dash Mount Radars & Hardwired

Escort dash mount radars.


Innovative mounting solutions.

More Products


Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled phones.

Automatic stereo muting for added safety and convenience. 

Power Windows

Update your car with power windows. 

Power door locks also available.

Remote Start

Get away from the heat; remote start your car and let your air conditioning cool down your vehicle interior before you even get in the car.